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Governor Brown and COWA

On Friday January 17, 2014, during the COWA Onsite Water Reuse Symposium, Governor Jerry Brown declared a State of Drought Emergency.
Coincidental? Maybe, but not a surprise if your paying attention. COWA is.
Here are some initial responses from COWA Members:
Barbara Bradley P.E. of Advanced Onsite Systems observed, “The governor has taken this step with key department heads in recognition of the driest year on record in California.
As stated in the declaration, the conditions of the drought are severe. Impacts from the drought will be widespread with water reductions imposed on all avenues of human development – agriculture, industry, residential and overall urban uses. Please read the attached document to the full declaration and relay this information to others, encouraging immediate personal and commercial water conservation measures.”
Kevin Green of GTS added, “A water shortage is becoming our reality here in California, and the governor’s declaration really hammered that point home. Even though the governor indicated that the restrictions may be lessened if we see a substantial increase in rainfall, snow pack and/or surface water resources in the next few months, we’re just delaying the inevitable. We need to make the most out of every drop.”
And then there's Kit’s two bits; “If it takes a declaration of drought emergency to reduce, reclaim & reuse, so be it, let’s get to work.”
New COWA "Friend", Victoria Scott "Likes" what COWA is doing and will be getting COWA up on Face Book and You Tube where you will soon find all the Onsite Water Reuse Symposium presentations available via the COWA website.
Stay tuned, or better yet, join the team. You can join online or you can download a COWA Membership Application 2014. You can also download the State Water Board Notice of Curtailment. We've got much to contribute to solving the water problems. Let's work together and make a difference.
Evelyn Rosefield
COWA Executive Administrator

State Policy, State of the Industry, A New Role for COWA

State Waterboard LogoCall it the right place at the right time, or call it hard work and diligence, COWA has become a strong Partner in the implementation of the new California Onsite Wastewater Policy. In this publication you will learn more about COWA’s involvement with - Training State and Regional Board staff - Working with CCDEH* developing LAMP** and Public Education workshops. - New education and training programs to help raise the professional bar in CA.

* California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health
** Local Agency Management Plan

An Industry in Transition

“Change, a small word with a big meaning” words of wisdom from COWA President, Mark Adams. recycle drop

Modern civilization has experienced a number of historical integrated transitions in energy, communications and transportation. While there have been significant advancements in water resource management, only recently has it become clear that resource recovery will play an important role in a sustainable future. In what some are referring to as the “Data Era,” rapid developments in distributed energy and water, information transfer, smart grid management, alternative fuels and resource recovery supporting net energy neutrality offer tremendous opportunities for job creation. These developments align with the elements of sustainability; economical sustainability, environmental sustainability and societal sustainability, coupled with the benefits to community health, community planning and property values.