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January 13-17, 2014- COWA Onsite Water Reuse Symposium & Technology Fair and Education Programs in Malibu, California!

Five Days of Valuable Education & Training in Malibu, California!Monday, January 13 - Routine Maintenance Inspections - Load Testing Dispersal Components
Tuesday, January 14 - OWTS Technology Management – Disinfection
Wednesday, January 15 - OWTS System Controls
Thursday, January 16 - Low Pressure Pipe & Drip Dispersal Fundamentals
Friday, January 17 - Onsite Water Reuse Symposium & Technology Fair

The City of Malibu Environmental Sustainability Division will host the California Onsite Wastewater Association (COWA) for five days of valuable onsite wastewater education & training at the Malibu City Hall facilities. After a series of one day educational programs, allmeeting the City of Malibu recertification requirements, the week will culminate in a visionary Onsite Water Reuse Symposium & Technology Fair.

The Onsite Water Reuse Symposium & Technology Fair provides a forum for Onsite Industry Professionals and stakeholders from around the world to exchange information on treatment technologies that are being employed as both rural wastewater solutions and urban sewer mining strategies.

A series of presentations in the 250 seat Malibu City Hall Board Chambers will feature projects, related case studies and discussions on current policies. While the Technology Fair will be open from 9AM to 3:30PM for the general public, we have scheduled in 3.5 hours of dedicated Symposium breaks for exhibition time. Twenty minute exhibitor presentations will run all day during exhibition hours. Gourmet Food Trucks will be on hand for the Symposium lunch break, all included in your Symposium registration. COWA envisions integrated water strategies as the next wave of business opportunities for the Onsite Industry, demonstrating an increased commitment to water resource protection
and management.

Join us for this look to the future with one eye on sustainability and the other on business opportunity.

To learn more, and/or register for any or all of the COWA Malibu Series events, click her for Online Information and Online Registration. Persons registered to attend any of the one day training programs are invited to attend the Technology Fair compliments of COWA and our Exhibition Partners.