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Federal Underground Injection
Well Program

USEPA Launches Septic Smart Public Awareness Program

In November 2012, the USEPA launched the new Septic Smart Public Education program. This program offers a complete Educational Tool Box to assist in education system owners on good OWTS management.

USEPA MOU Partnership Develops Series of Position Papers

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COWA’s own Education Coordinator Kit Rosefield currently serves as the NAWT representative with the USEPA MOU Partnership for Decentralized Wastewater. Kit has had the opportunity to travel to Washington DC numerous times over the past two years on behalf of NAWT and participates in regular teleconferences as a contributor to the process of advancing the Decentralized option. The MOU Partnership consists of 14 national organizations and 3 federal agencies for which subcommittees are formed that focus on issues the Partners have identified as critical to the cause. Last year, Kit was team leader on the development of “Septic is Green and Sustainable”, one in a series of four position papers designed to deliver key messages in basic terms. You can review and download the Position Papers at, http://water.epa.gov/infrastructure/septic/Decentralized-MOU-Partnership-Products.cfm This year Kit is participating on numerous committees, one of them focused on job creation within the Decentralized Industry. COWA is proud of this effort and grateful to NAWT for recognizing Kit’s enthusiastic contribution to this worthy effort.

USEPA Region 9 contracts with COWA to Spread the Word on the Underground Injection Control Program

COWA will soon be completing is second contract with Region 9 EPA delivering scholarships to Co-regulators involved with OWTS. The basis of this contract is to help spread the word about the EPA Underground Injection Control Program. The UIC Program is focused on registering all large capacity OWTS and to get a handle on Cesspools and Seepage Pits, both disposal practices that can pose threats to groundwater quality. To learn more about the UIC program and registration requirements, visit r9iwells@epa.gov or you can review and down load the PDFs by clicking here.