The COWA Coalition

The New COWA: Stronger, more Inclusive, more Relevant

The Onsite water industry is comprised of several technologies which are often fragmented, misunderstood and underrepresented. COWA is well positioned to be the platform to bring these sectors together and represent them at the grass roots, municipal and legislative levels.
The New COWA is building bridges, forming alliances, and heralding a common message. This outreach is being accomplished chiefly through The COWA Coalition. This Coalition is made up of representatives from COWA and our partner organizations as well as advisors from technology, government, academia sectors and more.

We envision a coalition of diverse stakeholders involved with on-site water use that has a unified message to California about the benefits of sustainable water management.

This coalition will strengthen and amplify our message and garner statewide support for increased on-site reuse, with the outcomes of: water security, diverse water portfolios for increased resiliency, protecting watersheds, and reducing energy consumption in the water sector.
Our mission is to bring the on-site water community together for information sharing, messaging, support, and education, and to organize the annual Localizing California Waters conference.
External priorities
These goals were identified as priorities in the 2017 conference.
Job training/certification programs
Rebates, incentives, funding, exemptions to fees for small/low-risk systems,
Standardized guidelines across local gov (especially for public health)
Messaging/education/demonstration projects

Coalition Chair’s Role
The Coalition Chair’s (steering committee) will convene quarterly conference calls and assist with annual conference. This committee will bring working group members together for the conference calls, and share on-going action items needing attention (for example, signing on to support a bill). The 2018 focus for the conference calls is to explore the topic of messaging.
Rainwater/Stormwater: Rosey Jencks
Blackwater: Kristin
Greywater: Emily Corwin

Roles for Work Group and Advisory Group Members
Work group members will attend conference call meetings and annual conference. They will help with other tasks on an as-needed and as-available basis. For example, a legislator may need help getting sign-ons to a bill, or a committee member may be collecting example systems from around the state and need documentation of local systems.

Advisory group members will be invited to conference call meetings and annual conference. They will provide guidance and recommendations for committees.

Advisory group
Larry Fey and Osama Younan (regulators)
Nick Weigel (designer)
Regina Hirsch (installer)
Laura Allen and Miriam Volat (educators)
Debbie Franco (policy)

Please contact us to engage our networking effort!