Board of Directors

Coalition Chair:

The Coalition Chair’s steering committee convene’s quarterly via conference calls and assist with annual conference. This committee brings working group members together for the conference calls, and shares on-going action items needing attention (for example, signing on to support a bill).

The 2018 focus for the conference calls explores the topic of messaging.

Rainwater/Stormwater: Rosey Jencks
Blackwater: Kristin McKillop
Greywater: Emily Corwin
Agriculture: Miriam Volat
Efficiency Chair: TBD

Work Group Members:

Work group members attend conference call meetings and annual conference. They will help with other tasks on an as-needed and as-available basis. For example, a legislator may need help getting sign-ons to a bill, or a committee member may be collecting example systems from around the state and need documentation of local systems.

Advisory Group Members:


Advisory group members are invited to conference call meetings and annual conference. They will provide guidance and recommendations for committees.

Advisory group
Laura Allen
Regina Hirsch
Nick Wiegel

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