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Mike Treinen on the cover of InstallerInstaller cover

Congratulation to Mike Treinen R.E.H.S., long time COWA Trainer and
esteemed Onsite Wastewater Consultant for the feature story in the November 2011 Installer Magazine!
And no, it’s not a conspiracy that Kit Rosefield wrote the article. Last March, Mike attended the Pumper and Cleaner Environmental Expo in Louisville, KN where while exploring the exhibition he met Ted Rulseh, the Editor of Installer. They chatted it up, Mike gave Ted his card and they went about their ways. A couple of weeks later Ted contacted Kit who writes a regular column for Installer and asked if he would be interested in writing a feature article. When he told Kit he had met a fellow from CA he thought of Kit to follow up. Kit laughed and told Ted of the long time relationship with Mike and that if he had no issues with it, he would be honored to work with Mike. Ted hired a local Santa Rosa photographer to spend a day with Mike and a great grouping of photos and video accompanied the article. Mike sat with kit for an interview and gave a great story about his work.
Read the story and watch the video by following the below links  and hey, attend the Pumper and Cleaner Expo in Indianapolis, you never know who you will meet.

Pumper coverCOWA Member Dean Trevaskis makes cover of Pumper Magazine

While attending the COWA/NAWT Waste Treatment Workshop in the fall of 2011, Jim Knieszel, Editor of Pumper Magazine interviewed Dean Trevaskis. Dean and wife Sandi are co-owners with Steve Phillips of Sweet Pea Septic and Sierra Septic Services. Dean, Sandi & Steve opened the doors of their state of the art treatment facility and hosted a great tour and demonstration of the processes. Their generosity paid off as Jim was so impressed with the business model that he made it a cover story for Pumper. The private waste treatment movement is growing strong throughout the U.S. offering increased profits to liquid waste haulers by avoiding high disposal fees and benefiting from creative resource recovery options.
Check out the article at: www.pumper.com/editorial/2011/12/disposal_done_right



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"A Leading Environmental Resource Company Specializing in Water Reuse Systems"

COWA Member Buzz Boettcher of Water Recycling Systems has “System Profile” in Installer MagazineBrady System photo

When Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen were planning their new home they wanted it to have an aggressive "environmental conscience". To utilize and take full advantage of the latest, most advanced conservation and reuse technology. Minimal space was used, access to the underground storage tank and filters are in the foreground, the disinfection system on the back wall with the electrical controls. The irrigation supply pump is inside the storage tank saving space and eliminating noise.

We are extremely proud they chose Water Recycling Systems, LLC to design and install their gray water recycling and reuse system. One hundred percent of their home's shower, bath and laundry water is being reused for landscape irrigation, saving hundreds of thousands of gallons annually.

Their requirements were simple; unfailing reliability, fully automatic operation and safe bacteria free clear water ...and it had to look good, take up minimal space and have sure hands. Our High Capacity Residential System was the perfect solution.

Designed to handle huge gray water volume when the home is filled with family and friends, or minimal production when away on business. The system is programed to automatically handle all possible contingencies including a power outage. Check out the Installer article at: www.onsiteinstaller.com/editorial/2012/07/from_lavatory_to_lawn

Visit www.flickr.com/photos/waterrs to see additional photos of Tom and Gisele's water reuse system and many others

Water Recycling Systems, LLC
Buzz Bottcher
1715 Via El Prado, # 414
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

COWA Sustainability Committee Member Publishes Integrated Technology Position Paper

James Johnson photo

James Johnson, REHS, is a leader in the Integrated Technology approach to onsite water resources. COWA is very honored by James’s participation in our new Sustainability committee and looks forward to his support in moving this important concept forward. To read James’s paper entitled Imagine a World of Integration and Incentives‚Ķthe “other” I & I click here