2015 Training Calendar

We are working on our 2015 Training Calendar. We will send out announcements soon!

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NAWT- National Association of Wastewater Technicians

NAWT LogoCOWA is proud to be the California Training Affiliate Partner for NAWT. Through this relationship we regularly offer a range of national training, certification and continuing education programs. This year, COWA is collaborating with NAWT to bring two new educational programs to CA, the Waste Treatment Workshop and Vacuum Truck Operator training. COWA as a state affiliate also has a voice on the NAWT Board of Directors ensuring our state’s interest are heard.

Hydraulic Load Testing of OWTS

What a can of worms! As part of our efforts with NAWT, COWA contributed to the effort to write Standards of Practice for Hydraulic Load Testing (HLT) of conventional OWTS. It was an exercise that brought to light that there are as many experts in the field as there are practitioners. Everyone has a different way of doing things and all of them are right.
With that said, while in Indianapolis at the Pumper Show, Kit Rosefield worked with the NAWT HLT sub-committee to review all the feedback and draft a procedure that we all agreed will be put forth by NAWT as the industry standard. It clearly defines when an HLT should be performed over and above an “Operational Test” and details the procedures. In addition, Kit pushed to have NAWT develop procedures for load testing Seepage Pits and Cesspools. While it has been NAWT’s position that Seepage Pits and Cesspools are not an acceptable option for onsite wastewater treatment, it was agreed that many of them still exist and there should be a method to determine if they are at a minimum performing as originally intended. Watch the COWA website for the posting of these new Standard of Practice documents in the near future.

NEHA- National Environmental Health Association

NEHA logoCOWA supports the NEHA Credentialing program for OWTS Installers by offering preparatory education & training and proctoring their national certification exam. COWA is also pleased to be assisting NEHA in the planning and implementation of their 2012 Annual Education Conference in San Diego, CA. on June 28-30. Stay tuned to the COWA and NEHA websites to learn more on what valuable training programs COWA will help bring to this national event. You can find out more information about NEHA here.

California Conference of the Directors of Environmental Health

CCDEH logoCOWA is engaged with the California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health in developing and delivering a series of LAMP and Public Education workshop to assist in the implementation of the new CA State Policy. This program is focused on local agencies who will be submitting Local Agency Management Plans in compliance with new policy Tier 2 standards. Stay tuned to this one by tracking the COWA  Education Page for Professional Training Calendar updates.

CEHA- California Environmental Health Assocation

CEHA logoCOWA is pleased we were invited to assist CEHA at their 2011 Annual Educational Symposium in Ventura CA. COWA introduced our new Principles of Plan Checking program as a pre conference training and in addition delivered a series of 1 hour onsite wastewater related educational sessions offering a Liquid Waste track for their conference. We look forward to working with CEHA on their 2012 AES in Sacramento CA in April. Keep an eye on the COWA and CEHA websites to learn what new information COWA will bring to CEHA Members.You can find out more information about CEHA here.

CGA- California Groundwater Association

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COWA participated as a Partner for the first time in 2010 as an Exhibitor at the CGA annual Conference in Sparks NV in November. COWA has been invited back in 2011 to the Silver Legacy Casino and will be delivering an educational session on Septic Pumps and Controls, a session that has been developed to help Pump and Well Contractors better understand the importance of dosing, pump sizing and proper sensor adjustment. COWA will again be Exhibiting to inform CGA Members about COWA’s work in ensuring groundwater recharge through proper siting, installation and management of OWTS. You can find out more information about CGA here.

RCAC- Rural Community Assistance Corporation

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COWA is excited to be partnering with RCAC to bring Decentralized Wastewater education and training to California’s rural communities. RCAC offers valuable services for small communities in their water and wastewater infrastructure planning and management process and COWA is proud to be their link to the Decentralized option. We look forward to working with RCAC to develop and deliver our new Small Community Assessment program in 2013.