NAWT- National Association of Wastewater Technicians

COWA is proud to be the California Training Affiliate Partner for NAWT. Through this relationship we regularly offer a range of national training, certification and continuing education programs. This year, COWA is collaborating with NAWT on the Waste Treatment Workshop and Vacuum Truck Operator training. COWA as a state affiliate also has a voice on the NAWT Board of Directors ensuring our state’s interest are heard.

NEHA- National Environmental Health Association

COWA supports the NEHA Credentialing program for OWTS Installers by offering preparatory education & training and proctoring their national certification exam. You can find out more information about NEHA here.

California Conference of the Directors of Environmental Health

COWA is engaged with the California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health in developing and delivering a series of LAMP and Public Education workshop to assist in the implementation of the new CA State Policy. This program is focused on local agencies who will be submitting Local Agency Management Plans in compliance with new policy Tier 2 standards.

CEHA- California Environmental Health Association

COWA works with CEDA to present our Principles of Plan Checking program  and a series of 1 hour onsite wastewater related educational sessions. You can find out more information about CEHA here.

CGA- California Groundwater Association

COWA participated as a Partner at the CGA annual Conference. At the conference COWA has delivered our educational session on Septic Pumps and Controls, a session that has been developed to help Pump and Well Contractors better understand the importance of dosing, pump sizing and proper sensor adjustment. COWA exhibits at the conference inform CGA Members about COWA’s work in ensuring groundwater recharge through proper siting, installation and management of OWTS. You can find out more information about CGA here.

RCAC- Rural Community Assistance Corporation

COWA is excited to be partnering with RCAC to bring Decentralized Wastewater education and training to California’s rural communities. RCAC offers valuable services for small communities in their water and wastewater infrastructure planning and management process and COWA is proud to be their link to the Decentralized option.