Webinar: Water Supplies for a Resilient Future

  • 13 May 2021
  • 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Zoom

Webinar: Water Supplies for a Resilient Future

May 13th, 3:00-4:30 pm

Rainwater collection and reuse of on-site water are gaining in popularity. Learn from the experts at the California On-Site Water Association about how these valuable resources can safely and efficiently reduce a building's ecological footprint and protect watersheds. Topics will include: use of rainwater, stormwater, greywater, and blackwater, including the multi-benefits of these projects. 

The free webinar Link is Here 

Also, we hope you will stick around for the After-Party!

Starting at about 5:00 pm (on the same weblink shown above)

Grab a Cocktail-Mocktail in your way in. 

We have a fun discussion planned and we will be kicking off the new Onsite Insights; our new information and collaboration platform.  Check it out!

About the presenters:

Nick Weigel: Mr. Weigel is a Senior Civil Engineer and partner, specializing in the design of decentralized wastewater collection, treatment and disposal systems.  He is the Water Resources Department manager overseeing two additional designers.  His project designs include systems ranging from single-family residential sand filters to commercial and community systems utilizing advanced and secondary treatment of wastewater; specifically, re-circulating sand/gravel filtration systems, aerobic systems, textile filters, and alternative disposal/reuse options; including drip irrigation and spray irrigation.  Many of these designs incorporate remote management and monitoring controls to monitor the operation and performance of these systems.  

Laura Allen: is the co-founder of Greywater Action. She is the lead author of the San Francisco Greywater Design Manual for Outdoor Irrigation and the author of the how-to books Greywater, Green landscape and The Water-Wise Home: How to Capture, Conserve, and Reuse Water in Your Home and Landscape which includes technical instructions for design and installation of greywater systems. Laura works with cities and water agencies to develop and implement greywater education programs, and she also participates in code development. She is on the technical advisory committee for the International Association of Mechanical and Plumbing Officials’ (IAPMO) Water Efficiency Standard (We-STAND). Laura developed the first greywater training for professionals in California and leads classes and workshops on greywater systems design and installation.

Regina Hirsch: Regina is the founder of Watershed Progressive, the consulting/contracting firm which focuses on onsite water best management practices aimed at rehydrating watersheds.  Since 2009, Watershed Progressive has helped design and install projects that restore habitat and increase watershed hydrologic recharge through water conservation and re-use.  In addition, Regina is an executive board member of various organizations, such as The Telele Foundation and COWA.

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