COWA Quarterly Onsite Insight - Treated Greywater Systems

  • 10 Feb 2022
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

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Untreated greywater is a valuable source of irrigation water. With treatment, greywater can be made cleaner and suitable for additional reuse opportunities. Learn about treated greywater systems in this informative webinar. We'll cover NSF 350, codes, and technical aspects of three systems (Hydraloop, Greyter, and Aqualoop).

Presenters include:

Damon Premer- Damon Premer is a senior project executive for All Area Plumbing in Commerce, Calif., and has worked in the plumbing trade for 32 years. Damon installed a commercial Aqualoop greywater system in Los Angeles.

Marc Rico is the director of business in the US for Hydraloop, a Dutch water reuse company.

John Bell is Chief Commercial Officer and co-Founder of Greyter Water Systems. Greyter Water Systems offers industry proven out-of-the-box water reuse management solutions, which reduce the water and wastewater demands of commercial and residential buildings. Bell has been actively involved in the water conservation and greywater recycling industry since 2009.

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